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Walk In Shower

A walk in shower is a fantastic addition to any bathroom whether you have an ultra modern room or a more traditional one. Sometimes walk in showers can be incorporated into a complete wet room where there are no doors on or into the shower cubicle and the whole bathroom is tiled and sealed. The water can go everywhere without causing damage and it can give a very luxurious sensation. A lot of these types of rooms I have come across in hotels and it is just fantastic to not have to worry about shower curtains or cubicles and just have the room to move and literally throw water everywhere without worrying about condensation or damp. Some of the more luxurious bathrooms come tiled in lovely rich colored Italian marble that goes from the floor and extends up to the ceiling. These are at the expensive end of the spectrum though, but it is possible to get a similar look of extravagance and beauty without it costing you the earth. Believe me, you will not regret it!

Where To Start

Walk in shower rooms are not as popular in the average store or home renovation depot. Therefore it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start and to find out what sort of designs and styles are out there. Well, if you are reading this you are already sat in front of your best resource – the computer. Online is the best place to look to get a good idea of the range of showers out there. Many manufacturers advertise online and will show pictures of their extensive ranges. Doing a simple search for walk in shower rooms will bring up many examples of the designs and styles around along with the manufacturers and distributors. Often, many bargains can be had online as they can cut out any middlemen. They will also deliver direct to your home address which is a big bonus, especially if you do not have the means to transport the items.

Another good place to start is to visit show houses and design expos to get ideas and some names of manufacturers. They often showcase their most expensive ranges though but they can be a great way of getting ideas and making lists of the sorts of features you want and the names of the companies, to use later during your online research.

Walk in Shower Types


Glass. A glass shower that you can walk into, with the help of a luxuriant, shiny finish, can be one of the most relaxing features of your day-to-day life, which makes them hugely popular when it comes to the shower market. Most manufacturers of walk-ins offer at least one, if not many, types of glass showers. Another useful factor is that they are simple to clean and maintain.


The shape of a walk in shower is one of the most important aspects to consider before you buy. Here are a few of the most common shapes you will find among manufacturers:

Quadrant Shape. Quadrant shape showers are a massively popular choice among buyers. On half of them has a right-angled shape, while the other has a smooth curve. The right-angled side makes them perfect to fit into the corner of nearly any bathroom, while the curve gives them a dose of luxury and style.

Pentagon Shape. Pentagon shape showers are much the same as their quadrant shape counterparts, except the curve is completely replaced by three panels which give them a pentagon shaped front. This usually means they have a central door at the front, which can be an attractive feature.

Square or Rectangle Shape. Square or rectangle shape walk-ins are as simple as they sound. They offer a less fancy shape, but an equally stylish and pleasurable shower experience. Another bonus of the square or rectangle shaped shower is that they will fit quite easily even into the most awkwardly shaped bathrooms.

Extra Features

Keep an eye out for manufacturers trying to catch your eye by offering extra features as part of their walk in showers. Often these features can greatly increase the luxury factor of your walk-in (and sometimes also the price!), and they are well worth looking out for.

Drying Areas. Look out for showers with built-in drying or standing areas. Many good manufacturers will offer drying areas with wood or bamboo walk boards to soak up the water, which can double the luxury and comfort of your shower experience.

Towel Rails and Shelves. There is no need to have countless shampoo bottles and soap bars taking up all the space inside your new shower. Look for a model which has sufficient shelf space to keep your shower free of clutter. A lot of the more spacious walk in showers also have towel rails near the door, which is another great feature.

Things to Consider

When you buy walk in showers, there are many factors to consider.

Size and Placement

Walkin showers can be bought in a number of standard sizes, and bespoke showers can be made to your specifications. Really, the only limit is your needs. If space permits, I would suggest picking a shower that is big enough to provide a feeling of luxury while showering (and which definitely has enough space for you to move around without bashing your elbows on the shower door), but one which is not too big to comfortably clean regularly.

Shower Doors

There are many different types of shower screen and door available – single doors, or double, sliding shower doors or doors that open outwards. Frameless shower doors and shower enclosures are becoming increasingly popular, and look sleeker than their framed alternatives. Also increasing in popularity are clear glass shower enclosures, which make a room seem more airy than frosted glass shower screens.

Shower Heads

The whole reason for having a shower is to get wet and clean, but the shower heads are an often overlooked part of buying a shower. There are many types of shower head available, from overhead heads that produce a rain-like effect, to side and floor jets that can provide pulasating and massaging bursts of water. One of the biggest benefits of having an enclosed shower like this is that you are not restricted to just one shower head – for the ultimate in luxurious showering, why not have several, to drench you from all angles?

Mobility Shower Issues

Walk in showers are an ideal choice for those with mobility issues, or disabilities. Not having to clamber over the lip of a bath makes the process of entering the shower easier, and there is a much lower risk of slipping or tripping as you balance on one foot while you step into your shower. Additionally, showers with wider than normal entrances can be installed to accomodate wheelchair users.

Many walk in showers these days can also be provided with a shower seat, to make showering easier for those who have difficulty standing for long periods. Some of the newer models even have padded shower seats for added comfort!

Finding The Best Walk In Shower Unit

Many people often enjoy the luxury of a nice warm shower, especially a walk in shower unit. The quality and style of shower you decide to buy will often determine the level of enjoyment and affect your showering experience.

The location, within the bathroom of your shower is important when considering your design project. It can be difficult to decide where to locate the shower within the bathroom. It is worthwhile to ask other family members about the ideal location of the shower unit. It is important to remember that having a shower is a lot quicker than taking a bath. This is useful to think about when deciding between either a shower or bath.

There are a number of points to consider when thinking about putting in a shower in your next walk in shower remodeling plans:

If you intend to use a thermostatic shower unit, you must also ensure that there is a proper flow and control of energy.

You must look at the water flow system. The flow of cold and hot water within the system must be taken account of and its subsequent heating and cooling effect.

Another aspect to take particular note of is the pressure of the shower and the water supplying it. You must look at the water supply from the main tank or the particular tank that is feeding the shower. The water output will depend upon an adequate pressure in the system. If there is no system of providing pressure manually, you may want to use a power shower or mixer shower that is powered by a booster pump.

There must be a well insulated electricity system that will also not present a danger or challenge in the future if you have an electric fault.

It is worth spending some money if you are putting in a unit that you intend to keep for some time. This is because you will have to do much plumbing and electrical installation and therefore it is not a project you want to do many times. The initial cost may be high but over the long term you will reap the rewards.

The latest models of units are often shown at manufacturers premises. They are usually displayed in model bath and shower rooms and will give you good ideas for the design and style of your bathroom.

After deciding on the design and style you like it is worth doing online research, as mentioned above to find great deals.

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