Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Accessories

Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Accessories Overview

The bathroom is certainly one of the busiest parts of the house. It gets visited by the whole family and friends all the time. With this, if there is one place in the house that needs to be well-maintained and taken-cared of that would be it. Cleanliness is probably the best thing that one has to keep concerning their bathroom and especially where the toilet is concerned. But more than that, sprucing up the bathroom is a good idea too. There are many things that a person can do in order to keep the washroom looking good and exciting. One of them is the use of bathroom accessories sets. Right now there is a growing demand for products such as the oil rubbed bronze bathroom accessory that can be used in home improvement and renovating this particular area of the house. Not only do they add a touch of quality, but they can be a much-needed improvement and create a classic look from a bygone era.

Read on and find out why you too should make your bathroom a little bit exciting, fun and what kind of additional bathroom decor ideas we can give you.

What do these Sets Usually Consist of?

If you want to update your bathroom, some of the Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Accessories consist of the things listed below. You may not need all of them for your restroom but if you do, it may be cheaper to buy them in a pack of accessory sets from various retailers;

  • 18 Inch / 24 Inch Towel Bar
  • Bronze Toilet Paper Holders
  • Towel Ring, Towel Rack or Towel Bars
  • Robe Hook
  • Soap Dish
  • Tumblr

Other Essentials that you Shouldn’t Forget

If you are going for a bronze finish, you may also need the following items to ensure that your bathroom becomes an absolutely wonderful and relaxing place for you.

Bath towels
Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Knob so that you can match it up to everything else.
Bronze Vessel Sink Faucets for your sink. This may be glass or copper.
Shower Curtain Rod – An example is the 48″ curved shower curtain rod which can be reduced by cutting off each end.
Shower Caddy Poles – an example is a 2′ extension pole accessory by Frontgate.

Example of Bronze Bath Accessories

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucets

Most of these types of bathroom accessories are crafted from brass for lasting durability. When purchasing these, you want ideally something that is ADA compliant.

Bronze Shower Caddy

A bath caddy is a great way to store items as you are about to take a shower. Depending on what your use is for it, you can either buy one that is only a single shelf or a triple-tier one that is wall mounted.

Why use Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Accessories?

Available in wide selections. Regardless of your preferences and styles, the oil rubbed bronze bathroom accessories come in different forms and styles that will definitely suit your needs. There is definitely a wide selection of oil rubbed bronze sets for your bathrooms. All you have to do is make a decision as to what kind of accessories, fixtures, and fittings that you want to install in your washroom. The good thing about this kind of accessory is the fact that it never goes out of style. If you have cabinet hardware installed in your bathroom, this oil rubbed bronze will easily blend well with the cabinet and will definitely fit in the bathroom. There are also different bathroom faucets that are available. You will not have any problems in coordinating what you have already installed in your shower room if you will go with this classic yet very sophisticated accessory for your needs.

A specialist company like Moen, for example, has an array of fixtures such as shower fixtures, faucets and all kinds of accessories we have mentioned above. One of their most popular bronzed collections is the Moen Kingsley and the Moen Brantford. Prices may vary but buying a product of this quality and brand name will mean its never going to be cheap. However, if you do start shopping around online you will be able to find prices from other stores, needless to say, you may be able to find some bargains.


It cannot be denied that a bathroom remodeling project can be a very tiring task. But more than that, it is very costly. Admit it or not, once you decide to renovate anything you have to change lots. Say you are going to renovate your house. Doing so might involve changing your floor tiles, your wallpaper, your kitchen floor, and your carpets. With this activity comes changing the decorations as well, right?

If you are going to use bamboo floors you do not want to use any French or Modern style decorations and furniture as it will definitely not complement each other. You need to have a house in which everything complements each other. The same principle goes with your bathroom remodeling. Oil rubbed bronze bathroom accessories such as bath faucets, towel bars, robe hooks, and toothbrush holders among others will definitely go well with the other decorations and stuff that you have in your bathroom as well as add a great deal more functionality.

You do not have to change a whole lot and you can definitely make a comprehensive set of savings in the process. You can actually mix and match these accessories with what you have without having to worry if they will compliment or not and still make it look incredible. A few decorative pieces and features such as curtains can make the room look not only beautiful but one which is a combination of your own uniquely designed construction.

Good for your Health

Surrounded by such beauty and tranquil environment can only be a good thing for your health. Just imagine laying in a tub of hot water appreciating all the small but important details of your bathroom which you built on your own? You could even put up a glass shelf for books so you can catch up on your reading while you relax. Every time you enter this room, looking at the decor, the fixtures, fittings, the shelf with all those lovely soft towels will be nothing but comforting.

Read Customer Feedback and Product Reviews

Before you embark on buying any bath accessory sets, it may be worth you reading some of the reviews as well as a detailed product description before you part with any money. At least this way, you have access to the retailers’ product information and also some real customer feedback. This is definitely helpful as you can often overlook things which others may make you aware of. Also, be aware of shipping rates on orders.

Another company is DecorSuite who is a specialist in bath hardware and things like faucets, bathtubs and other accessories.

If you do like the product don’t forget to write a review so others may benefit from your purchase.

If you would like to know more about other related items, feel free to browse the site or email us. On a final note, many people are now using oil rubbed bronze bathroom accessories because of its affordability, versatility, convenience and also the fact that it looks incredibly classy.

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