High End Bathroom Fixtures

Luxurious Bathroom Fixtures

When remodeling a home, you may choose to use upscale products on such things as flooring, cabinets, and appliances. Upscale products, while generally higher in price, offer the best return for your money if you are not planning to change your decor for quite some time. This is because higher-priced products are usually much better made than low or middle range priced products. Although you may not think of a bathroom remodel as being an upscale job, it actually can be and is well worth your time investing in. After all most homes sell quickly if their kitchens and bathrooms have been remodeled and are very upscale.

High-end bathroom fixtures are generally found in home improvement or specialty stores. A typical plumbing supply warehouse focuses more on pipes, accessories, and basic plumbing fixtures. Most stores will special order a wider variety of fixtures than they carry in stock, so you can almost find exactly what you need.

Sink should be the first thing you choose when it comes to high-end bathroom fixtures. This is because the most used fixture in the bathroom will be the sink, as even someone who only steps into the bathroom to wash their hands will use the sink. The type of sink you choose will not only influence the look of the rest of your bathroom but can also require the purchase of a special faucet. Vessel sinks are a good example of this. Some faucets designed for vessel sinks are even wall mounted.

Now that you’ve chosen a sink, you can pick out a faucet. Just as the sink can affect the type of faucet you get, your faucet affects other items in your bathroom as well. For example, faucet choice will affect the countertop, or as they’re more commonly called in bathrooms, vanity top choices.

Vanity Tops

Upscale vanity tops may be made of real marble or granite and can be quite costly. Most are custom drilled with openings for your sink and faucet. You must be certain of your choice for both before committing to buy the vanity top. Most stores will not accept returns on such custom items, and not all types of sinks and faucets will fit in your custom vanity top. A good example of this as related to the faucet is the “center spread”. The center spread is the width of the faucet deck-the piece on which the handles and spout are mounted. It is usually 4 inches for a bathroom faucet, but there are faucets with wider spreads and ones where both handles and the spout are completely separate pieces, which would require drilling 3 holes in the vanity top to install. If you must change your sink basin or faucet choice after production has started on your vanity top, be sure to match the specifications of your original choices exactly.

Tub or Shower – Both

Next, you’re ready to choose your tub or shower. Generally, you should match the color of the sink or choose a solid coordinating or neutral color. A bathroom remodel is also a perfect time to replace bath faucets, as tub and shower installations generally expose the old fixtures and the pipes in the walls for easy hookup. New plumbing supply pipes can also be installed at this time. Bath faucets should match the sink faucet in terms of finish, and in handle style if at all possible. If you choose to install a Roman tub, a specialty faucet called a Roman tub faucet will be necessary. If you choose to install a shower only or tub and shower combo with a glass shower door, the trim of the door should also match the finish of the sink and shower faucets.

Eco Friendly

The toilet is last on the list of fixtures you’ll need to choose. Most people choose a plain white toilet, but other colors are available. Upscale one-piece toilets give a sleek look to the room, while toilets with wall-mounted tanks look very nice in a vintage bathroom decor. Many upscale bathroom remodel projects also include a bidet, which can often be matched closely to the toilet style. The flush lever should either match the toilet in color or the other trims and faucets in finish. Buy a water saver and be eco-friendly also.

Wall Treatments Etc

Flooring, wall treatments, and cabinetry items to coordinate with your high-end bathroom fixtures are the only things you’ll need to complete your bathroom. Ceramic or marble tile is a great choice for the flooring, and nowadays you can get a radiant heating system installed underneath the tile to warm the floor on cold mornings. Match all cabinet hardware to the color or finish of your fixtures or faucets. Semi-gloss paint is a must for high-humidity bathrooms, or you can have lovely mosaic tile work done on your walls instead

Luxurious Bathroom in The End

With a little planning and research, and the right high-end bathroom fixtures, your bathroom remodel job will be a success. You and your family will end up with a luxurious bathroom to enjoy for years to come.

In this day and age, people are looking to save money wherever they can. It’s just a fact of life right now, and it probably will be for some time to come. This is definitely a positive development. People do need to think more consciously about the money that they are spending, and where they can save. One really good place to implement a plan like this is in the bathroom. Yes, you can still remodel, but you don’t have to bankrupt yourself in doing so. That is why I have chosen to write this article about the high-end look for less bathroom fixtures, along with some ideas about that. So let’s get into it.

First of all, a nicely done bathroom can practically be a centerpiece of a nice home in general. It can be a real sign of luxury while costing a reasonable amount of money. In fact, a bathroom remodel can even come cheap if you know where to look for the fixtures and the like.

Economy Is On Your Side Right Now

Also, don’t worry because the economy is on your side right now. Various companies are all trying to unload their bathroom fixtures for less money just in order to move them off of “the lot” so to speak. This is actually a great time to try to get that high end look that you have always wanted but couldn’t afford. If you hadn’t looked at prices recently then this is a great time to do so, because many of them have fallen precipitously. As long as you still have your job you are doing quite well and are in a great position to purchase new fixtures and the like.

Luxury Bathrooms

Let’s start with thinking about how we can create the luxury bathrooms of the present. These are bathrooms which sparkle and shine and have all the newest fixtures. Indeed, it must be said that high-end look for less bathroom fixtures are all the rage these days. This again is because it is a great time to remodel or even purchase a home, but not to be a seller.

In order to get that luxury look, we usually browse through magazines or look through pictures on the Internet. This starts to create ideas in our head about what we want our new bathroom to look like. I know that I always get my best luxurious inspirations from pictures as well as people I know and their homes. Inspiration for a bathroom remodel can really come from anywhere. In terms of the actual fixtures, well that is a matter of shopping around for really good ones. Do you like the modern or the retro look? Companies like Kohler and Delta have many different sinks and things that they offer for this room. It’s all about what you want.

The Home Spa Look

Now some people are going for the home spa look because it is in fashion. Indeed, this is a very smart play. I love to sit in a spa and just relax and so can you. It is worth shelling out a few bucks in order to create such surroundings as this, as we all know deep down in our hearts. This is quite frankly what we all desire. Now is the perfect time to seize upon this dream and get it all done for less. That is the beauty of the times we are living in: that things just got a lot cheaper. Remodeling, renovating, installing new sinks, tubs, showers, etc. is a great way to go just because it will make you enjoy your bathroom that much more.


I like to plan out the whole bathroom before I finally choose the vanities that are going to go in it. This is the last fixture that I select, only because it must match everything else. I am not saying it is the least important element, but it is the easiest to match last. You can go with different colors and materials depending on what the other bathroom fixtures for less you have installed up to this point.

Bathroom Tile

And finally, don’t forget about the bathroom tile which is going to complement all of these high-end look for less bathroom fixtures that you are going about getting. They are not to be ignored. In fact, the bathroom tile may be the first thing you should consider. Then you can just start from the ground up literally. Tile is like the wallpaper of flooring. You can get white, shells, stone, or pretty much anything else that the mind can imagine. The options are really limitless. Only your imagination and pocketbook can hold you back. The bottom line is that in every category you can and should create that high end look for less. I hope that this helps you complete your dreams.

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