Bathroom Tile

Your bathroom represents the hygienic sense of your family. As bathroom is the most important part of your home so choosing tiles for your bathroom is a very critical decision… There are some key points to be kept in mind while choosing tiles for your bathroom out of the stocks available in market. You will find different types of tiles including ceramic, glass, slate, metal tiles, small and large tiles, plain or patterned tiles, smooth and textured files. Here we have tried our best to make this decision easy and good for you.

Key points in selection bathroom tiles

Material: The quality of the material you choose is very important. There are so many types of tiles you can found in market still marble, ceramic, vinyl and mosaic are the most important types of tiles which are generally recommended.

Resistant to water: When you are looking for bathroom tiles then water resistant properties of tiles become very important. You should go for highly water resistant tiles like mosaic and ceramic as compared to laminates and hardwood which have low water resistance.

Durability: Tiles like brick, ceramic and vinyl are highly durable tiles whereas the tiles like granite and marbles have lesser durability and easily prone to cracks. No one will want a bathroom with cracked tiles.

Structure: There are so many tiles with different shapes and sizes available in market but the tiles you choose for your bathroom highly depends on size and theme of the bathroom decided by you.

Maintenance: The ease of maintenance for tiles is measured with the help of the number of grooves and the texture of the tile. For example stone tiles need special types of cleaners while the other tiles can be cleaned with the help of the commonly used cleaners.

General instructions for choosing tiles

Use textured and interested tiles

For bathroom floor tiles, texture tiles are generally recommended. A rougher texture is less slippery when it is wet. For the wall tiles, shiny tiles are a good option. To reduce starkness, go for embossed tiles which will make your walls interested especially when you using tiles with one or two colors.

Prefer smaller tiles for your small bathroom

Small tiles are especially recommended for compact bathroom especially when there is very less space between your sink, tub and toilet. For proper fitting around the objects, these smaller tiles will need less cutting. In case of big bathroom, you should go for larger tiles with minimum grouting in between. Also panels or borders of smaller tiles gave a fantastic look when used in contrasting or complimentary colors.

Tiles for Showers

Shower floors and walls are source of a lot of fun. Tiles with water related themes are preferred here.

Tiles for Bathroom walls

For walls, you may go for two options. First option is just use any one of the different types of tiles as marble, ceramic, clay, granite, stone, slate, glass, etc. Second option is using a mosaic of different stones and tiles. In modern trends, showers and bathrooms with mosaic design are preferred.

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