Bathroom Light Fixtures

Let there be light, screams someone in the dark, and thankfully, like magic, the bathroom is well-lit to an astounding beauty. For most of us who have guests in too many house parties, a silent trip to the bathroom is the order. Unless you plan to grope in the dark and spare yourself from the embarrassment of fumbling your way in, the light fixtures for the bathroom should be nothing less than impeccable.

Turn your bathroom space into a luxurious, spa-like retreat with the help of these stylish light fixtures. The idea is to marry a great mix of style and practicality that’s perfect for the bath. It should be easy in the eyes as well. As a rule, the bathroom light fixture should be proportional to the space for the best esthetic appeal. The idea is to create a mood, whimsical or subdued. A style, or theme, is a consistent idea used throughout a room to create a feeling of completeness.

The most important functions of bathroom light fixtures are as a holder for the light source, to provide directed light and to avoid visual glare. It allows the observer to clearly see the design. Therefore one has to discern exactly what he wants to achieve in regards to light fixtures for bathrooms as this intrinsic element of design come into play. Bathroom lighting is more than a necessity for every bathroom. A properly lit bathroom helps to make sure you and your bathroom look their best while also ensuring your safety while in the bathroom.

The Target Look for Your Bathroom

Most modern bathrooms don’t just rely on a central light fixture; they know that it is also a good idea to have some vanity lights. How would you like a medicine cabinet with a night light so you don’t have to put the big light on at night and wake yourself up? Medicine cabinets can have an electric-powered lighting system inside so you can leave your shaver, toothbrush and curling iron plugged in.

Since the bathroom is the only place we confront ourselves with our innermost secrets – checking an unwanted bulge here and there, keeping that unwanted hair in the wrong places at bay – we need to view it at our own comfort. Therefore shopping for the right fixtures to go with the look and ambiance of your own private hideaway that is the bathroom takes a lot of planning and visualization. You can never go wrong with a minimalist approach to designing your own haven.

Bathroom Vanity Fixtures

It’s all about drama. If the bathroom were a stage, then the main actor should be the vanity lighting fixture. If all the elements are missing, tasks like applying makeup, shaving, and styling hair are much harder to accomplish with a poorly lit vanity. But that would be melodrama – how you wish to see yourself in a poorly-lit bathroom with a lackluster vanity lighting fixture

The truth is, when it comes to bathroom vanity lighting, overhead lights are simply not good enough. When the light only shines from the above side, or even behind, you are going to see unsightly dark shadows under your eyes. And at the same time, the texture of your skin will be accentuated. Frontal lighting is necessary to reduce both contrast and shadows. So it is highly recommended to install wall light fixtures beside your bathroom shower enclosure or maybe above the bathroom countertop. This is essential when you want a perfectly lit bathroom.

How to Install a Bathroom Light Fixture

Mix and Match

While the time you spend in the bathroom is often necessary, it should also be an enjoyable experience. A bathroom that is so sleek and modern, no one would want to hide it. That is the ultimate goal of living the good life: to transform your bathroom into a truly delightful place to be, as well as to showcase the luxurious fixtures that are as impressive as the fixture designs itself.

Take, bathroom sconces, for example. Installed on the sides of your bathroom mirrors will make shaving, tweezing, makeup application, and other daily activities easier and more enjoyable. Likewise, proper bathroom light fixtures hung from the ceiling can make a safer showering experience and can make any bathroom seem larger and more elegant. For a truly sophisticated look, match your bathroom light fixtures with your other bathroom fixtures. Or, choose complementing finishes that will introduce new colors or designs into your space.

How to Enhance the Lighting in Your Bathroom

One of the best ways to enhance your reflection on the mirror is by the use of a sconce placed on each side of the mirror, this will emit even lighting for both sides of your face. A cluster of vanity lights across the top of the mirror can be used with wall sconces to provide good, even lighting and give your bathroom vanity a coordinated look.

You could even go to the extreme as far as placing theatrical lighting strips around your vanity mirror to see yourself the way the stars do if you like. And while you’re at it, in addition to lighting for the vanity mirror, a good general lighting is a welcome effect.

You can actually push for a bathroom ceiling light fixture which is a good idea for general lighting. For extra warmth on colder mornings, why don’t you consider adding a recessed infrared heat lamp as well?

Vanity Lighting

Bathroom vanity lighting doesn’t have to be the new uber boring. Imagination has no limits, as they say. You can light your bathroom vanity with wall sconces and bathroom bars in an amazing range of styles, with settings ranging from Venetian bronze to brushed nickel, from classic Hollywood to contemporary urban chic Likewise, ceiling fixtures offer excellent variety too, allowing your bathroom decor to be as unique and personally yours as any area of your home. You owe it to yourself, no less! Sometimes it’s healthy to give back to oneself.

You’ll never know who your audience will be (house guests are the usual suspect) so better get ready when the curtain unfolds. You’ll be happy to know that thanks to the vanity light fixtures you are always prepared for your close-up shot.

The Ideal Bathroom Light Fixture Setup

An ideally lit bathroom will have a fixture above the mirror with usually two bulbs, three bulbs or four or more bulbs depending on the amount of space available. This fixture will provide overhead and general lighting. Wall sconces can also be considered, one sconce on either side of the mirror will help avoid shadows and fill in the rest of your face and neck properly. Most bathrooms will require additional flush mount ceiling lighting or recessed lighting in the toilet area, shower area and/or center of the room to fill the entire room properly with light.

Try adding a bit of whimsy to the bathroom with a mini-chandelier, it will add romance and make you feel pampered every time you enter. Some larger master baths could even accommodate a mid-sized chandelier. This would be great with a hot bathtub or a walk-in tub. Always keep in mind that whatever style you have is an extension of yourself, as well as what you want others to see in you.

The devil is in the details, yes, but you need ample light to fully appreciate the view. Is your bathroom lighting dim or not sufficiently energy-efficient? Are the light fixtures properly positioned in such a way that the bathroom interior would look great? Are the colors and design of the light fixtures go well with the contrast of the bathroom interior? Questions like these are your guiding light in choosing the best bathroom light fixtures for that great bathroom experience.

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